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Warehouse planning and optimization with PULPO WMS

With PULPO WMS's own Warehouse Wizard, you can draw your warehouse using a graphical interface and shape it entirely to your circumstances. Any optimization and change you want to implement in the warehouse can be done with the Warehouse Wizard with just a few mouse clicks.

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🪄Warehouse Wizard

Warehouse setup and management with PULPO WMS and our Warehouse Wizard

If you want to set up a warehouse in the WaWi or the ERP tool nowadays, you will see the following above all: Many windows, various input fields and long lists.

It's not always easy to keep track of everything, and if you want to make changes, you have to plan them well in advance so that you don't accidentally edit the wrong storage location or even move a row of shelves in the software. For more complex challenges, even lengthy programming projects have to be implemented directly in the software.

Today, it is so important to be able to react to changes quickly and without a large investment of capital and time. Lengthy processes, or even standstills, can quickly put companies in a tight spot. This also applies to their own warehouse logistics. Especially companies that are growing fast and will expand in the foreseeable future are affected.

We have taken up this challenge and developed a complementary tool to our warehouse management system, which puts an end to complex menus and long lists.


Rebuild any of your warehouses in the software, using the integrated tools. From zoning to individual shelves, you can map any situation in your company in PULPO WMS.


Growth brings change, especially in materials management. Every change in your warehouse logistics, whether it is a conversion, an extension or an additional location, can be implemented in Warehouse Wizard.


React quickly to new situations in your warehouse logistics and optimize your material flow. With the Warehouse Wizard, you can make various adjustments at any time, right down to the individual shelf.

Reinvented WMS setup

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Draw instead of filling long lists

If you want to set up a warehouse location, you not only have to take care of the right choice of location in terms of transport connections and IT infrastructure. But it is also part of the task to define the setup of the warehouse.

Once the location has been set up, the next step is usually to set up the storage areas and locations in the WaWi or ERP software. It can take days, sometimes weeks, to define all the zones, rows of shelves and storage locations in the software.

We thought to ourselves: There must be a simpler way!

The solution was as simple as it was innovative:

A graphical interface in our developed Warehouse Wizard now makes it possible to draw the zones, rack rows and compartments with just a few mouse clicks. From this, PULPO WMS recognizes the storage locations and inserts them into the Warehouse Management System.

Restructuring made easy

Grow and scale with PULPO WMS

It often happens that companies reach the limit of capacity. Our warehouse management system is able, depending on the warehouse, to create a lot of capacity both in terms of storage space and human resources for further growth. But even a warehouse logistics system, no matter how well optimized, will reach its limits at some point. Then only two measures help: Rebuild and enlarge.

The associated changes in the software solution are then usually associated with a lot of time and effort; especially if the route optimization must also be changed.

In PULPO WMS and our Warehouse Wizard, such changes can be made with little effort, just as when setting up the warehouse.

You simply edit the existing, or draw the newly added zones in the software and rearrange the racks according to the real model, or add new ones.

The newly added areas and storage locations integrate seamlessly into the existing route optimization once the setup is complete.

Attention: May contain traces of optimization potential!

Customize and optimize down to the individual shelf compartment

Of course, our new Warehouse Wizard offers many more functions to optimally adapt the warehouse to your own requirements.

For example, you can combine two storage bins in the graphical user interface, divide them, or define them as replenishment storage for a picking item. Or you can reserve a certain bin for a specific group of goods.

These examples were only a short insight into the functionality of our new tool and every change and optimization that you make in your warehouse logistics, you can now implement at any time and independently of external service providers, or programming skills, with little time.

Search no longer! Find It!

Storage bins visually identifiable

Identifying the exact location of a product on the basis of a storage bin stored in an ERP or WaWi system was previously only possible via various menus and storage bin lists. But also in this point, our solution now has a decisive advantage over most other, current software solutions. In our WMS, you can now not only identify the storage bin via the article and storage bin designation, but also locate it visually in the Warehouse Wizard. Lengthy searches are now a thing of the past.

All this and many more functions are now available in PULPO WMS and the Warehouse Wizard. Let us introduce you of the functionality of our software solution during a demonstration. We would also be happy to help and advise you directly with regard to your existing warehouse logistics and find out together how much optimization potential you have.