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WMS for shopify

PULPO WMS helps growing shopify merchants:

  • Send more orders with a mobile solution that doubles the productivity of your staff.

  • Increase your profit by reducing costly picking errors. 

  • Avoid stock errors by delivering full transparency in your inventory.

Warehouse Management System for shopify

Success Stories

“Most solutions we looked at offer only basic inventory management and don't help to optimize the actual workflows in the warehouse and in our point of sale like PULPO WMS does. ”

Kevin Junk

— Kevin Junk,

Bereichsleiter teleropa Online

"We are growing and needed a solution for our shopify stores. PULPO WMS has helped scale our operation and provided instant ROI"


— Adrian,

CEO IA International

"Full transparency of our serial number products, easy setup and employee acceptance were some of the benefits we received from PULPO WMS".


— Michele Santo,

CEO HS Sales

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Accurate Inventory in shopify

Prevent oversells or out of stocks. Information between shopify and PULPO WMS is synchronized live.

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Reduce Human Error

By scanning products and positions, errors are eliminated. At the same time, the order processing speed is multiplied. 

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Measurable Improvement

The easy-to-use PULPO App reduces training time and makes you less vulnerable to staff rotation. 

Your Advantages

Fast and Easy

Quick Implementation and fast ROI

  • Unique Warehouse Wizard to configure all your positions
  • Control of all your products through world-class API. 
  • Transparent overview of Order Status' and Productivity. 



Inventory Management for shopify

More Productivity for more Revenue

2 Times faster fulfillment with Multi-Order Picking

Barch Merge

Batch Picking

With batch picking, you can process multiple orders in a single, optimized picking route. PULPO WMS helps you split the products into their individual orders at your packing stations. 

cart picking-01

Cluster Picking

Cart picking lets you pick multiple order totes in a single picking route. This saves a lot of time and reduces extra work, as the products of the orders are already separated during picking.



With split picking, large orders can be divided into several tasks in order to process them more quickly. In the packing process, the individual picks are automatically merged again.

Advanced benefits for shopify users

A basic Inventory Management System is not enough

A better tool for your team

  • Fast inventory counting for full stock transparency
  • Optimal routes during picking
  • Serial number control
  • Lot numbers and expiration dates


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