Shopify Warehouse Management

Shopify Warehouse Management

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Shopify Warehouse Management

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Leading Brands rely on PULPO WMS for Their Shopify Warehouse Management

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PULPO gave us great support right from the start, and we were able to implement the system within just one week. The ease of use makes it particularly easy for our warehouse staff to work with the system, and I, as CEO, don't have to worry about staff rotation as with PULPO we are 100% independent of skilled warehouse workers.
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Cynthia Robert
CEO and Founder , Berthie
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PULPO has definitely saved me many headaches about keeping track of inventory for my online store, POS sales, and more! As our business and inventory grow, PULPO allows for increased efficiency in receiving, pulling, and packing orders through every step of the fulfillment process - highly recommended, even for small businesses!


CEO and Founder, Dr. Bill's Orchids


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Thanks to PULPO, every employee in our large warehouse can always find the right item easily.

Florian Henneka

Florian Henneka
CEO Korbmayer

Live Product Availability
Live Product Availability

Prevent short sales or missed sales by ensuring high data quality in your shopify inventory management. Information between shopify and PULPO WMS is synchronized live.

Avoid Human Error
Avoid Human Error

By scanning products and positions, errors are virtually eliminated. At the same time, the process speed is increased many times over. PULPO WMS also has a solution for products without barcodes.

Measurable Process Improvement
Measurable Process Improvement

With the user-friendly app, employees can often perform their tasks more efficiently after just 1 day. Thus, PULPO WMS reduces the training time and generally required knowledge many times over.

Shopify WMS: The most important functions at a glance

Optimize your processes and avoid costly mistakes to save time and money.

Simple plug'n'play setup

Setting up is child's play. Simply activate the plugin in the PULPO WMS Web App and start synchronization.

Synchronization of products

All product data required for fulfillment that is available in Shopify is automatically synchronized between the systems.

Synchronization of orders

Orders and the associated data are also automatically pushed from Shopify to PULPO WMS.

Permissions and role management

Different user profiles to ensure that employees only receive tasks intended for them.

Automatic stock updating

PULPO WMS for Shopify always ensures correct stock levels in every channel.

Shopify POS-enabled

Direct integration into the Shopify POS app and automatic stock updates in the respective warehouse.

Management of products with serial numbers

Manage even complex products with serial numbers, BBDs or LOTs easily and without any problems.

Managing multiple Shopify warehouses

Do you have several warehouses from which your products are shipped? No problem for the Shopify WMS from PULPO!

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Want to boost your E-Commerce profits?

We get it – making a significant change for your business is no small feat. That's why we've got something special up our sleeves: a full 60-day money-back guarantee* that lets you explore the boundless potential of PULPO WMS with absolute peace of mind.

* Terms and conditions may apply. 


Want to boost your E-Commerce profits?

Take a leap ahead of your competitors with PULPO WMS - Shopify Connection

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PULPO WMS has your back!

With PULPO WMS, you can effortlessly handle your inventory, and here's the best part—it's designed with you in mind. We've kept things simple and user-friendly.

When you use PULPO WMS, you'll sync all your product info like item numbers, names, descriptions, weights, prices, and supplier details right from your Shopify store. It's like a backstage pass to unlock PULPO WMS's awesome features.

So, whether you've got a standard Shopify account or you're rocking the Shopify Plus, you can sync your shipment data with inventory management tools and ERPs, taking your operations to the next level.

Optimized Picking Methods

From classic single-order picking to optimized multi-order picking

Batch picking

Batch picking can process multiple orders in a single, optimized picking route. PULPO WMS then supports the separation of the products into your individual orders during the packing process.
Rollende Kommissionierung
Rolling order picking

Rolling picking enables simultaneous picking into several order boxes in a single picking route. This saves a lot of time and reduces additional work, as the products in the orders are already separated during picking.
Split picking

With split picking, large orders can be divided into several picking tasks in order to process them more quickly or, for example, to process orders per storage zone. In the packing process, the individual picks are automatically merged again and the order is packed as a whole.

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With PULPO WMS, you can manage your warehouse processes faster and easier than ever before.

Robust configuration options
Compatible with low-cost Android devices
Short training times for fast ROI


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