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How GALXBOY made their order fulfillment process 2.3x FASTER with PULPO WMS

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Central warehouse location with over 600 m2

The Challenge

GalXBoy, a South African streetwear brand inspired by youth street culture, has been making waves in the E-Commerce world since opening their Shopify store two years ago. They operate from a 600 square meter warehouse with over 1500 SKUs, catering to a rapidly growing customer base.

  • Managing Diverse SKUs and Seasonal Demand

In the fashion industry, managing a wide range of SKUs is a common challenge. Each season brings new collections, leading to fluctuating demand and inventory complexities. For GalXBoy, this meant constantly adapting their inventory management processes to accommodate new products and trends.

  • Scaling Operations with Increasing Order Volumes

As GalXBoy’s popularity soared, so did their order volumes. Initially manageable with manual processes, the surge in orders soon overwhelmed their warehouse operations. Scaling operations to meet this growing demand required a more robust and efficient system to maintain customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • Handling Returns

Returns are a notorious challenge in the fashion industry, often due to size and style preferences. Managing returns efficiently is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty, but without an optimized system, it became a daunting task. GalXBoy needed a solution that could streamline returns and improve their overall customer experience.


Results of the
PULPO integration

  • 2.3x faster order fulfillment 
  • 30% increase in efficiency
  • Able to send out over 600 items per hour
  • Super easy inventory counting through PULPO App
  • Significant reduction of workload

Quotation marks


PULPO WMS is really easy to use. The integration platform with Shopify is clear and very easy to configure for a non-developer. I like the approach it takes in updating inventory on Shopify which reduces the need to constant reconciliation tasks between the WMS and the E-commerce platform. The availability of training manuals and support makes it easy to roll out to staff. Finally, I like the fact that we did not have to spent a fortune on hardware required for our staff. It is compatible with basic android mobile devices.
Lesego Mosupye
Lesego Mosupye
CFO of GalXBoy
The Solution

✅ Customer Retention Boost

GalXBoy can now process orders faster than competitors and handle returns effortlessly, a notable advantage in the fashion industry. This seamless experience has fostered loyalty among their customers, who appreciate the hassle-free online shopping experience.

Easy Rollout and Cost-Effective Implementation

The availability of comprehensive training manuals and dedicated support ensured a smooth transition to PULPO WMS for GalXBoy's staff. They appreciated not having to spend a fortune on hardware, as the system is compatible with basic Android mobile devices, making it incredibly cost-effective.

Seamless Integration between Shopify and PULPO WMS

The integration of PULPO WMS with GalXBoy's Shopify store was smooth and straightforward. The cohesive functionality between Shopify and PULPO WMS ensured real-time updates on inventory, orders, and returns, eliminating discrepancies and improving accuracy. This hassle-free setup meant GalXBoy could immediately benefit from the combined power of both platforms, without any downtime. 

✅ Setting New Standards in Operational Excellence

By integrating PULPO WMS, GalXBoy achieved a 30% increase in efficiency, decreased their complaint rate, and significantly reduced order fulfillment times. This transformation has revolutionized their operational dynamics, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and accuracy in their industry.

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