Click & Pack shares her success: We have used various different software tools, but none have been as user-friendly as PULPO WMS.














Partners involved:

"What impressed us was the ease of setting up the system, which was accomplished within a day. Whenever we encounter new customers, PULPO is always available to support us, and we find their service truly outstanding.

Amir El-Moawen
CEO & Founder

How Click & Pack makes its warehouse management fit for the future with PULPO WMS

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fulfillment center

Click & Pack Fulfillment GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, is a specialized fulfillment logistics company. They excel in warehousing, packaging, and shipping a diverse range of products from online shops, including cosmetics, food, and dietary supplements. With a strong focus on efficiency and customer satisfaction, Click & Pack has established itself as a reliable partner for businesses seeking streamlined logistics solutions.

complex warehouse

The Main Challenge

One of the significant issues was managing the complexity of their fulfillment processes, which involved handling diverse products from various clients. Keeping track of inventory, coordinating shipments, and ensuring accurate order fulfillment were becoming increasingly challenging. Additionally, managing expiration dates and batches for food products required a systematic and efficient solution.

The Solution

✅ PULPO WMS provided Click & Pack with all the necessary functionalities required for efficient warehouse management. These included a scan feature, real-time inventory tracking accessible to customers, and the capability to manage expiration dates and batches for food products.

✅ The implementation of PULPO WMS was completed within a day, offering Click & Pack a quick and seamless transition to the new system.

✅ Click & Pack appreciated the constant support provided by the PULPO team, ensuring a smooth onboarding process and ongoing assistance whenever needed.

click and pack
warehouse team

The Results

👉🏻 Time and Labor Savings: PULPO WMS drastically reduced paperwork and increased operational efficiency. The system's step-by-step guidance for tasks, from scanning to picking and packing, resulted in significant time savings and empowered the warehouse team to work more independently.

👉🏻 Seamless Integration: PULPO WMS integrated seamlessly with Sendcloud, simplifying the transmission of shipment data, including tracking numbers and package details. This ensured accurate and timely updates for customers regarding their orders.

👉🏻 Enhanced Customer Relationships: With real-time inventory tracking accessible to customers, Click & Pack improved transparency and communication with clients.

👉🏻 Optimized Fulfillment Operations: PULPO WMS proved to be an instrumental tool in improving efficiency, and delivering exceptional service to their clients. The user-friendly interface, coupled with exceptional support, contributed to Click and Pack's success in meeting the challenges of the fulfillment logistics industry. 

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