Success Story

How Altruan transformed their fulfillment with a cutting-edge WMS



Established in early 2021, Altruan quickly became a notable player in the E-Commerce world, focusing on health and hygiene products. With around 60 employees, the company has excelled in responding to evolving customer needs, especially during the pandemic. Altruan operates from a central warehouse in Bavaria with about 5,000 square meter and more than 3,000 SKU.


Founding year




Company size

60 Employees

Sales Channels

online shop, marketplaces, direct sales


Central warehouse location for worldwide shipping with 5,000 m2

The Challenge

In the small town of Massing, in Germany, Altruan GmbH, an up-and-coming company for the distribution of medical and surgical disposables, begins a story of change. The E-Commerce player was founded in the midst of the turmoil of the pandemic and faced growth difficulties that threatened to slow down its promising development.

  • Navigating the maze of warehousing


As order volumes skyrocketed, the once efficient manual processes in Altruan's warehouse became a confusing mess. The struggle to handle around 1000 parcels a day using outdated methods marked the turning point: the call for change was unmistakable.

  • Trembling on the road to innovation

The changeover was not without its hurdles. The integration of PULPO WMS posed a problem, particularly because Altruan prefers Shipcloud and at the time PULPO WMS was only integrated with Sendcloud. There were concerns that ongoing operations could be disrupted and the difficult task of getting staff used to a new system.


Results of the
PULPO integration

  • 25% increase in efficiency
  • 50% decrease in complaints
  • Acceleration of order fulfillment speed by 3 hours
  • Super easy inventory counting through PULPO App
  • Significant reduction of workload and in overtime

Quotation marks


Implementing PULPO WMS has been a game-changer for Altruan, particularly in achieving accurate inventory levels across all our sales channels. It's not just about having the right products in stock; it's about having the right information at our fingertips to make informed decisions. With PULPO, we've seen a remarkable improvement in our inventory accuracy, ensuring we meet our customer promises every time.
Johannes Radl
Johannes Radl
Co-Founder and CEO of Altruan
The Solution

✅ Onboarding PULPO WMS: an efficiency boost

PULPO WMS, which recently became compatible with weclapp's ERP system, proved to be a beacon in the maze of possibilities. The promise of optimizing warehouse processes, improving error detection and providing a user-friendly interface gave Altruan a glimpse into a more efficient, error-reduced future.

A path with manageable pitfalls

Implementing PULPO was in most parts smooth. Despite challenges like managing complex SKUs and adhering to a tight deadline, the PULPO onboarding team played managed to offer tailored solutions for these challenges, ensuring a timely go-live by December 2023. The expertise and support made what could have been a challenging transition into a streamlined and effective upgrade of Altruan’s operations.

Reaching the zenith of operations with PULPO WMS

The fruits of perseverance were sweet. By integrating PULPO WMS, Altruan saw a remarkable 20-25% increase in efficiency, a halving of the complaint rate and a significant reduction in order fulfillment time. The switch led to a paradigm shift in operational dynamics and set new standards for efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits of using PULPO WMS for Altruan


Smoother, faster and more reliable fulfillment process


Ready to scale the
business and grow


Seamless integration of Weclapp and Shipcloud


Independence of
skilled warehouse

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