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What You Should Know About
Warehouse Software in 2023

What Makes a Modern Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Learn what WMS is and what it means for your business: 

Incorrect warehouse management in combination with little or no process automation has a direct negative impact on the profitability of your company. With the PULPO Warehouse Management System (WMS) you create a digital twin of your warehouse and streamline your warehouse processes.

Warehouse Management System: Definition

Digital Twin

Digitalization is the key to success in warehouse logistics. With PULPO WMS you keep an eye on your complete inventory, for more planning reliability and satisfied customers. As the only warehouse management system provider, PULPO WMS enables you with a Warehouse Wizard to digitally map the warehouse with a couple of mouse-clicks, i.e. to create a real digital twin. All storage locations are automatically assigned a bin code and the warehouse layout is configured directly in the web browser. 

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Warehouse staff and managers always maintain a full overview of all warehouse management processes in the control center. Such an optimization of internal logistics could recently only be implemented by large corporations, which, in addition to IT specialists, also had the necessary budget for consulting and implementation of expensive WMS systems. PULPO WMS enables even SMEs to digitally map their warehouse at low cost.

Fast Training Thanks to Android App

An Android app makes the use of an WMS system intuitive and accessible for everyone, so that the training time for warehouse management is also significantly reduced. Your employees receive an end device (e.g. an Android device) with an integrated barcode scanner. They can receive, pick, pack and ship goods with the Android app.

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Inventory Transparency and Full Process Control

The WMS system creates full transparency in your warehouse. The software knows where the products are and in what quantity. Your employees are quickly and easily guided to the right storage location and the right product using the app. 

In addition, the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite provides further valuable insights for warehouse optimization and business intelligence dashboards to make better decisions. PULPO WMS provides transparency in the warehouse and can be used for all processes, whether goods receipt, picking or shipping.


Through a modern API, the warehouse inventory is synchronized in real time. This means that you know at all times exactly what is in your warehouse and where. This not only saves a lot of time, but also reduces the error rate. Thus, you always have the current stock in view.

How to Compare WMS Providers

User Friendliness

Warehouse software should not be too complicated. Unfortunately, the market is overloaded with powerful but overly complicated solutions that make it difficult to train new employees. An intuitive, native Android app is the simplest solution here compared to browser apps to reduce the training time to a minimum.

Easy Integration Through a Modern, Open API

Integration is a key success factor these days when it comes to streamlining and automating your processes. You need to be able to connect your WMS to your existing ERP system or e-commerce software like Shopify or Magento. Before choosing, check carefully whether the WMS is capable of doing this.

Hidden costs with legacy providers

Especially with on-premise solutions, the total costs must be kept in mind. In addition to expensive hardware or server costs, consulting time for simple configurations can also quickly exhaust your budget. 

Cloud-based warehouse management systems have the advantage that the software can be quickly integrated into existing systems and updates are carried out across the board on all devices. Modern warehouse software is offered as "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS). Furthermore, the monthly costs are also cheaper compared to legacy warehouse management systems, so entrepreneurs do not have to take any risk.

These are the advantages of modern WMS' in 2023

✅ You can change your ERP or store system and keep the WMS
✅ Streamlined processes, satisfied customers, higher margins
✅ Easy operation thanks to intuitive smartphone app
✅ A modern, open API ensures greater flexibility
✅ Easy setup and management of the WMS
✅ Send more orders in less time
✅ Cloud infrastructure is managed by the provider 
✅ More transparency in all warehouse processes
✅ Shorter training period for new employees
✅ Reduced error rate
✅ Free updates

If you want to learn how to save costs in the warehouse and at the same time ship more orders, our warehouse management experts will be happy to advise you.