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"We have a system that supports us completely in all processes in the warehouse. We are sure that the goods are delivered to the customer reliably on time."

Kevin Junk
Area Manager teleropa Online, Authorized representative

About Teleropa

Teleropa has been selling high-quality consumer electronics from top brands since 1996. In addition to sales, teleropa's services also include consulting, installation and repair of consumer electronics and major electrical appliances, as well as many other services such as extended warranties or financing. Some of their top categories are: Gaming Appliances, E-Scooter, Smart-Home.

The Main Challenge

Teleropa expanded its product range and sought a system to simplify and digitize its processes. They chose Plentymarkets as their ERP and E-Commerce system, enabling connection to various market platforms. The implementation led to significant growth, but warehouse management issues, including shipping and packaging errors, arose. As a fast-growing online company, Teleropa faced challenges with packing errors and incorrect shipments.

"We chose Plentymarkets as our ERP and E-Commerce system a few years ago, giving us the ability to be connected to all known and important market platforms." - Frank Kirwel, Managing Director.

The Solution

They started looking for a system that would help them solve all the problems they had. They analyzed the application areas that Plentymarkets has, what interfaces it has, in order to implement the best system according to their needs.

"When we were looking for solutions to this wide range of errors and problems, we first looked at what can plentymarkets do and what interfaces are provided. There are a few and we quickly came across PULPO WMS and we have been trouble free ever since." - Kevin Junk

PULPO WMS offers Top Tier functionalities without taking you through a lengthy and costly implementation process.

"The PULPO WMS really builds a solution for all the requirements we have to be a modern warehouse." - Kevin Junk

The Result

Kevin Junk explains that all processes within the warehouse are very easy to execute, it is difficult for the warehouse employee to make mistakes because each employee has to scan the goods so they can find an automatic balance if all goods have arrived properly and then report differences to the administrators later.

Plentymarket - PULPO WMS's fully automated interface ensures that you have fully automated orders in PULPO WMS and can even select which orders are important, which items are packed together, which should go out together. You can also assign specific tasks to individual employees to ensure that no goods leave the warehouse too late.

PULPO WMS helps make inventories faster and easier.

"It used to take us at least 2 days to do inventory. Now we can do it completely within 4 hours" - Kevin Junk

"The big advantage of PULPO WMS in my eyes is the easy integration, because you can easily sketch and draw your warehouse in the browser via a complete based interface, the only manual task that would actually have to be physically done in the warehouse was the application of the labels, in fact the only thing we had to do was train our staff but it took us a maximum of 4 hours" - Kevin Junk

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