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Berthie is a fashion retailer that I founded in 2019. In 2023, we entered the US market and opened our first own warehouse in LA. PULPO gave us great support right from the start, and we were able to implement the system within just one week. The ease of use makes it particularly easy for our warehouse staff to work with the system, and I, as CEO, don't have to worry about staff rotation as with PULPO we are 100% independent of skilled warehouse workers.
Cynthia Robert
CEO and Founder, Berthie

Case studies

What impressed us was the ease of setting up the system, which was accomplished within a day. Whenever we encounter new customers, PULPO is always available to support us, and we find their service truly outstanding.

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Emma CS Overview

PULPO WMS provides a flexible API for seamless integration. With the user-friendly Android app, deployment is possible without a scanner. In addition, PULPO ensures fast and straightforward implementation across multiple sites and provides a comprehensive analytics suite that enables detailed insights.


A digital twin was created quickly and easily with the Warehouse Wizard, enabling efficient and precise warehouse management. Cross-docking processes were optimized. Batch and cluster picking became child's play with PULPO WMS. The user-friendly Android app made picking even easier.

Korb Mayer CS Overview
teleropa CS Overview

After an intensive search for a suitable system and careful analysis of Plentymarkets' functions and interfaces, teleropa found the ideal solution for all their needs in PULPO WMS. Kevin Junk expressed his complete satisfaction and emphasized that PULPO met their requirements extremely effectively.

With the serial number functionality of PULPO WMS, their problem was solved quickly and efficiently. The effortless setup allowed toredo to get PULPO WMS up and running in no time.

toredo CS Overview

The team at PULPO WMS helped him implement the system and within a few weeks he was able to use the system 100%.

Seca comments that the implementation process with PULPO WMS was amazingly easy and intuitive, as well as the training times for his employees were minimal.

SECA CS Overview

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With PULPO WMS, you can manage your warehouse processes faster and easier than ever before.

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