11 Nationalities, 1 Mission

PULPO WMS is staffed by a multi-cultural team of high-qualified professionals working on the most advanced SaaS Warehouse management system. Join the most scalable WMS with operations in Europe, the Americas, and clients in four continents.

Team Pulpo Thomas Philipp FF

Our Founder Story

Thomas Kircheis and Philipp Thyben met in Karlsruhe in 2004 while studying industrial engineering at KIT. Thomas worked as an IT security consultant for top European corporations, where he was exposed to a wide variety of enterprise software landscapes. Before starting PULPO WMS, Philipp managed operations at Allers Group for seven years. He led several business process optimization projects with a focus on E-commerce, Call Center management, sales force automation, and, most importantly, warehouse management.

The team gained experience benchmarking and implementing traditional, on-premise, WMS solutions. This led to their vision to redefine how a WMS should be made available to a broader market, have a faster onboarding process, and be easier to use for warehouse staff.

Our Mission

Lead the digital transformation inside warehouses of all sizes by providing warehousing staff with the best tools to execute their tasks and manage storage space.

Our Vision

 Become the most widely adopted WMS and be recognized as a standard for E-commerce fulfillment.

Delivering Exceptional Benefits

“Most solutions we looked at offer only basic inventory management and don't help to optimize the actual workflows in the warehouse and in our point of sale like PULPO WMS does. ”

Kevin Mini
Kevin Junk

Area Manager teleropa Online

“With PULPO WMS we are going to generate more than €20,000 savings by eliminating Paper-based Processes to manage our 20,000 m2 of warehouses."

Adrian Miini

CEO IA International

“Our employees learned to use the PULPO WMS App in less than a day and we reduced picking errors by 99.9%. PULPO WMS helps them work less overtime.”

Michele Mini
Michele Santo

CEO HS Sales