xentral integration

Automate Your Business with the Integration of Xentral and PULPO WMS

PULPO WMS and Xentral have partnered to provide a flawless integration to Xentral's business operations software

✅ Provide a seamless shopping experience 
✅ Automate your operations quickly
Simplify your workflows

With Xentral integration, you will enjoy: 

Accurate Data

Keep a close eye on your business operations with real-time data visibility.

    Full View of Operations

    Make well informed decisions based on reliable information, such as inventory levels, order history, shipping, and more. 

      Increased Efficiency

      Say goodbye to manual errors and inefficiencies in your whole business process.

         Xentral Business Operations Software and PULPO Warehouse Management System

        The Xentral software provides a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of a business, such as finance, HR, and sales, while the PULPO Warehouse Management System offers a robust and user-friendly platform for managing warehouse operations, including inventory control and order fulfillment. They work together to provide a seamless and efficient experience for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

        Integrate Xentral and a WMS to maximize the potential of your E-Commerce business. With this strong combo, you can manage all aspect of your business, from sales to finance, and everything in between.

        Other benefits that you get: 

        👉🏻 Minimize the need for manual data entry and the errors that can occur as a result of human data entering

        👉🏻 Let your business save time and resources by automating and optimizing essential activities such as purchasing and invoicing.

          Start managing your operations in one tab!