WooCommerce WMS: Inventory and Warehouse Management for WooCommerce

Integrate your WooCommerce store and automate your inventory control & warehouse management with PULPO WMS.

✅ Send out more orders in less time.
✅ Improve inventory accuracy and streamline warehouse processes.
✅ Eliminate shipping errors and returns.

Integrate Your Magento Online Store

Live Product Availability



Prevent short sales or missed sales by ensuring high data quality in your inventory management. Information between WooCommerce and PULPO Warehouse Management System is synchronized live.

Avoid Human Error



By scanning products and positions, errors are virtually eliminated. At the same time, the process speed is increased many times over. PULPO WMS also has a solution for products without barcodes.

Measurable Process Improvement



With the user-friendly warehouse management app, employees can perform their tasks more efficiently, optimizing warehouse processes after just 1 day. Thus, PULPO WMS reduces the training time and generally required knowledge many times over.

Inventory and Warehouse Management 
System for WooCommerce

The system helps streamline various warehouse processes, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

PULPO WMS WooCommerce

An inventory and warehouse management app can help you better manage your operations, resulting in increased productivity, accuracy, and profitability for your WooCommerce store.

Increase your efficiency

Warehouse inventory tracking, picker performance tracking, and barcode scanning help you easily manage a single warehouse or multiple locations connected to your WooCommerce store, optimizing warehouse processes. Take your e-commerce operations to a new level with the best WooCommerce warehouse management system.

Improve accuracy

A smart inventory and warehouse management tool helps maintain accurate stock records, ensuring sufficient products for client demand. It tracks product movements and identifies inventory inconsistencies. Reduce manual order entry and sync multichannel inventory and purchase orders for more automation.

Gain more insights

Make better decisions about inventory levels and manage orders with a user friendly interface. Good warehouse management systems include a variety of reporting and analytics features to help you better understand your warehouse operations.

PULPO WMS boosts your WooCommerce shop to its full potential

A basic Inventory Management System is often not enough.

Experience a better tool for your E-Commerce operations team.

Go beyond basic WooCommerce inventory management with a better warehouse management app for WooCommerce

✅ Spot and cyclical inventory tasks

✅ Optimized routes for real time cluster picking

✅ Automatic splitting of pickings based on rules

✅ Different user profiles to ensure that the employee only receives relevant tasks

✅ Alerts & checklists (based on product, supplier, order, or customer)

✅ Streamlined warehouse processes for improved efficiency and productivity

Woocommerce barcode scanning

Optimization of WooCommerce 3PL warehouse operations at Click & Pack

Woocommerce WMS for E-Commerce Fulfillers

Click & Pack Fulfillment, which specializes in warehouse operations for online stores, has revolutionized its warehouse management by integrating PULPO Warehouse Management System. The ability to connect multiple WooCommerce Stores with better inventory visibility for ecommerce stores has enabled Click & Pack to grow. Real-time synchronization between WooCommerce and the warehouse management system (WMS) prevents missed sales and reduces customer returns, while product scanning virtually eliminates human error and increases process speed. Backorder Management and shortage handling have been improved. Employees can often work more efficiently after just one day, significantly reducing training time. Additionally, the WooCommerce Stock Manager can be used to manage product variations and control stock levels and visibility. The integration of PULPO WMS has streamlined various warehouse processes, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Increase your competitiveness with the easiest WooCommerce warehouse management system

Warehouse Management System for WooCommerce

Simplify the management of your online store with PULPO WMS. This intuitive e-commerce solution enables seamless synchronization of your product data and settings directly from your WooCommerce store. With just a few clicks, you can synchronize item numbers, names, descriptions, weights, prices and supplier details and experience the benefits of advanced inventory management. PULPO WMS offers comprehensive inventory management features, including supplier tracking, batch tracking and warehouse location optimization.

PULPO WMS optimizes warehouse processes, making your operations more efficient and competitive.

Use the system to manage your stock efficiently and keep an up-to-date overview of your inventory at all times. PULPO WMS not only offers the opportunity to optimize your sales data, but also valuable tips for warehouse organization and product management that will help you take your online store to the next level.


FAQ: WooComerce Warehouse Operations Frequent Questions

Multiple Warehouses and Woocommerce Multi Warehouse Inventory

You can run several warehouses with PULPO WMS from a single account and optimize your order management from a warehouse management system.

Shipping Carriers

The PULPO Warehouse Management App can generate packing slips and shipping labels from multiple shipping carriers. Order status are visible through our world class open API.

Walking Path Optimization

Unlike other warehouse management systems, PULPO WMS has a true route optimization during the paperless picking process that helps optimize warehouse operations .

Manage Purchase Orders

Purchase orders can easily be uploaded to PULPO WMS so that you can compare your incoming goods versus your supplier orders.

Integrating other E-Commerce Platforms

PULPO Warehouse Management System allows for easy integration to track orders from multiple online stores, inventory management systems, returns platforms etc

Automatic Replenishment

Based on your inventory data and rules of minimum stock in your warehouse positions you can create automated replenishments tasks to refill for example a picking location. 

Make the most of your WooCommerce shop



With PULPO WMS, you can manage your warehouse processes faster and easier than ever before.

Robust configuration options
Compatible with low-cost Android devices
Short training times for fast ROI


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