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Boost Your Business with weclapp and PULPO WMS

PULPO WMS and weclapp have joined forces to deliver seamless integration with the weclapp ERP solution.

  • Ensure a smooth and effortless shopping experience
  • Expedite your operations through rapid automation
  • Streamline your workflows for increased simplicity

With the weclapp integration for PULPO WMS, you will enjoy: 

Accurate Data

Precise Data Monitoring

Maintain vigilant oversight of your business operations through real-time visibility into data.

Full View of Operations

Comprehensive Operational Insight

Make informed decisions backed by reliable information, including inventory levels, order history, shipping details, and other critical data.

Accurate Data

Ease of use

PULPO WMS and weclapp complement each other perfectly. Both systems stand for simplicity and flexibility.

weclapp Cloud-ERP and PULPO Warehouse Management System

Xentral Business Operations Software and PULPO Warehouse Management System

The weclapp cloud ERP offers an all-encompassing solution for overseeing diverse facets of business operations, covering finance, CRM, and sales. Simultaneously, the PULPO Warehouse Management System presents a resilient and user-friendly platform tailored for the efficient management of warehouse operations, spanning inventory control and order fulfillment. Collaboratively, they deliver a seamless and effective solution for businesses aiming to enhance operational efficiency.

Integrate weclapp with a Warehouse Management System to unlock the full potential of your E-Commerce venture. This potent combination empowers you to handle every facet of your business operations, spanning from sales to financial management and everything in between.

Other benefits that you get:

  • Reduce reliance on manual data entry and mitigate the potential errors associated with human input.
  • Enable your business to save valuable time and resources by automating and optimizing critical activities, including procurement and invoicing.

Ready to Scale Your Business?



With PULPO WMS, you can manage your warehouse processes faster and easier than ever before.

Robust configuration options
Compatible with low-cost Android devices
Short training times for fast ROI


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