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Warehouse Management Software - All Functions of PULPO WMS

Modern warehouse management does not have to be complicated.

  • Serial Numbers & Lots
    Intelligent storage strategies

  • Warehouse Management App
    Quick training with Android

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Warehouse Wizard: Warehouse Setup and Management

PULPO WMS is a comprehensive and at the same time intuitive warehouse management software. With Warehouse Wizard you can create a digital twin of your warehouse to manage your inventory completely digitally, because warehouse management with Excel should be a thing of the past. 

The Warehouse Wizard includes all the tools you need to digitally map your warehouse: from zoning to individual shelves. Changes to your warehouse can be implemented in seconds, so you can keep optimizing your flow of goods.

Picking Optimization: Advanced Picking 

How can laymen decide which picking method to implement? With PULPO WMS Picking Optimization, you can ship orders much faster to improve the customer experience. The warehouse app makes this very easy. 

However, this is not all that PULPO WMS has to offer. Picking Optimization has a variety of enterprise level functionalities that not only large enterprises, but also SMBs and aspiring Ecommerce entrepreneurs can take advantage of. These include automation and prioritization of outbound orders. User roles, product and storage location rules are used to further optimize your warehouse logistics.

Serial Numbers & Batches: Intelligent Storage Strategies:

No matter how much product information you want to add to your system, PULPO WMS has the answer. 

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Normal Products with Barcode / Barcode Scanner

Many products require a uniform SKU barcode for identification via scanner. With PULPO WMS, you can also transfer attributes and types from third-party systems.

Produkts with Lot Numbers and expiration dates

A lot number refers to a production unit and is primarily used for food, pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Products with Serial Numbers 

These are usually high-price products that have a serial number and come with a warranty. Transparency is particularly important for high-quality products, so make sure that every customer receives the right product and you can track which order included which serial. 

WMS Analytics Suite: Full Transparency In All Processes

WMS Analytics provides you with important insights into your inventory management. Reports can be created and filtered in any dimension. Your warehousing finally becomes measurable through the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite.

With the many calculation options as well as formatting variations, a complete analysis can be performed in the Analytics Suite. Finally say goodbye to tedious warehouse management with Excel. Create dashboards and improve your business intelligence with PULPO WMS.

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Integration: Integration of Warehouse Management Software with Third-Party Suppliers

PULPO WMS integrates with your existing systems. You can easily connect PULPO WMS with your store system (Shopify, Magento, etc) or ERP (MS Dynamics, SAP, Quickbooks etc).

Your products and data fields like item number, name, description, weight, price, supplier can be easily synchronized. Many other options can also be managed across systems.

Warehouse Management App: Fast Training with a Native Android Application

The Android app makes the PULPO warehouse management software accessible to everyone. The steep learning curve and quick training time make warehouse management much more efficient. You can quickly and easily equip your employees with a barcode scanner to receive, pick, pack and ship goods.

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Warehouse Management Term Control Center

We know that warehouse management can seem very complex. It is not for nothing that warehouse clerk is an apprenticeship profession that lasts several years. That's why PULPO WMS was developed with the goal of making warehouse management as simple as possible.

The Control Center is a visual tool that clearly lists your warehouse, current processes, orders and other indicators on one screen. You keep full overview of all operations and order status. You can find more information on our warehouse management definition page.

These are the Advantages of PULPO WMS:

✅ Easy warehouse management software thanks to intuitive warehouse app.
✅ Easy to set up and manage warehouse software.
✅ Send more orders in less time.
✅ More transparency in all warehouse processes.
✅ Shorter training of new employees.
✅ Reduced error rate.
✅ Free updates.

If you want to learn how to save costs in the warehouse and at the same time ship more orders, our warehouse management experts will be happy to advise you.