Plentymarkets Pulpo WMS Integration

Plentymarkets Integration

Full warehouse management with an integration of PULPO WMS and plentymarkets.

plentymarkets is the leading multi-channel e-commerce software solution that offers you everything you need for successful online trading. By integrating the PULPO WMS warehouse management system, you can reduce errors and manage your warehouse more efficiently.

Live Product Availability Pulpo WMS

Live Product Availability

Prevent short selling or missed sales through high data quality. Information between plentymarkets and PULPO WMS is synchronized live.

Avoid Humman Errors Pulpo WMS

Avoide Human Errors

By scanning products and positions, errors are virtually eliminated. At the same time, the process speed is increased many times over. PULPO WMS also has a solution for products without barcodes.

Process Improvements Pulpo WMS

Measurable Process Improvement

With the user-friendly app, employees can often perform their tasks more efficiently after just 1 day. Thus, PULPO WMS reduces the training time and generally required knowledge many times over.

Optimized picking methods

From classic single-order picking to optimized multi-order picking

Barch Merge

Collective Picking

Collective picking can process multiple orders in a single, optimized picking route. PULPO WMS supports in the packing process the separation of products into its original orders.

cart picking-01

Rolling Picking

Rolling picking enables simultaneous picking into multiple order totes in a single picking route. This saves a lot of time and reduces extra work, as the products of the orders are already separated during picking.



With split picking, large orders can be divided into several tasks in order to process them more quickly or, for example, to process orders per storage zone. In the packing process, the individual picks are automatically merged again and the order is packed as a whole.

Additional Benefits for Plentymarkets Customers

A basic WaWi is often not enough

PULPO WMS is a better tool for your team
PULPO WMS goes beyond standard inventory management to provide your team with additional functionality.

✅ Spot and rotating inventory tasks

✅ Optimized routes calculated at the moment of picking

✅ Automatic splitting of pickings, based on a variety of possible rules (zones, picker, product, order type, etc)

✅ Different user profiles to ensure that the employee only receives tasks intended for him or her

✅ Alerts and individual checklists that can be displayed depending on product, supplier, order or customer to remind the employee of special cases or specific requirements (in final development phase)

Ready for Rolling Order Picking?

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