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Our experienced team of logistics and ERP experts guides you step-by-step through the onboarding process. If you have questions about process improvement, settings in your ERP system or advice on purchasing scanning hardware, we are available to answer all of them.

No Downtime in Your Warehouse

Avoid business interruptions and experience peace of mind. PULPO WMS is your stable, intuitive, and self-service system, ensuring process stability and high performance no matter what.


Elevated Onboarding Experience

Empower your warehouse team with PULPO WMS’ academy – a seamless onboarding experience that boosts performance from day one.


Read-to-use in Days

Gain a competitive edge with PULPO WMS's super-short plug’n’play implementation, saving you up to 12 months in implementation time.

Getting Started is Easy!

Setup in 3 Quick Steps



The Warehouse Wizard

With PULPO WMS's unique no-code Warehouse Wizard, you can design your digital warehouse layout visually with just a few mouse clicks.



The Warehouse Wizard


Step 2: Easy API connection

PULPO WMS offers a faster and easier integration thanks to our world class API. Whether you want to integrate your ERP, Accounting Software, Inventory Management or E-Commerce Platform. We have you covered.




Step 3: Easy Operation

Our experienced team of logistics experts guides you step-by-step through the onboarding process. If you have questions about process improvement, settings in your ERP system or advice on purchasing hardware, we will support you.

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What will we do together during

the onboarding process? 

Project Setup

  • Definition of the contact persons as well as the project schedule

  • Review of existing warehouse layout

  • Documentation and, if necessary, optimization of existing warehouse processes

  • Procurement of any required hardware, such as PDTs and scanners

  • Checking the network reception in the warehouse and setting up the printers for shipping labels


  • Creating your warehouse in the PULPO WMS Warehouse Wizard and labelling of bins

  • Setup of your test instance including users

  • Integration with third party systems, e.g. ERP system

  • Training of your employees via the PULPO ACADEMY eLearning platform

  • Analysis of data consistency, e.g. whether all products have barcodes

Training and testing before go-live

  • Training and acceptance tests with your employees and run through of selected practical examples

  • Customization of the setting options of PULPO WMS

  • Release of the system for inventory and go-live

Inventory and go-live

  • Conduct inventory so that PULPO WMS starts working with correct inventory data.

  • Changeover to productive system, PULPO WMS takes over the role as inventory management system

  • Handover of the system to you

  • Support and development (as needed)

 After go-live

  • Extended support during introduction

  • Functionalities of PULPO WMS, e.g. the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite



How complex is the implementation of PULPO WMS?
The implementation of PULPO is quite easy and requires few resources. PULPO has a proven, lean, standardized implementation process which is carried out with the help of a dedicated onboarding manager.
Also,the system is user-friendly and easy to integrate into your existing operations, aiming to minimize disruption to your business and get your warehouse management up and running as swiftly as possible.
How long does the implementation phase take in my company?

The implementation of PULPO WMS is designed to be quick and efficient. Thanks to our well-established onboarding process, you can expect your system to be operational in just a few days. This swift implementation ensures minimal disruption to your business operations and allows you to start benefiting from PULPO WMS's features as soon as possible.

How easy is it for my employees to learn PULPO WMS?

PULPO WMS is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Our multilingual app requires minimal training, making it easy for your employees to learn and use the system effectively. This ease of use reduces the learning curve and allows your team to quickly adapt to the new system, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient ongoing operations.

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Upgrade to PULPO WMS, optimize your logistics operations, scale operations to maximize profits, and deliver an unforgettable customer experience!

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With PULPO WMS, you can manage your warehouse processes faster and easier than ever before.

Robust configuration options
Compatible with low-cost Android devices
Short training times for fast ROI


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