PULPO WMS for Fulfillers

Charting the Course for Streamlined Fulfillment Excellence


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PULPO WMS for Fulfillers
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Stay Ahead of the Competition with the Most Modern and Most Easy-to-Use WMS on the Market

Tailored for managing multiple online merchants in one easy-to-use tool, it streamlines customer integration, ensures transparent stock management, and guarantees impeccable service delivery.



Multi-Tenant: Unified Multi-Customer Management


Efficiently handle multiple clients within a single application

Open API: Rapid Customer Onboarding


Quickly integrate new clients into your system

Analytics Suite: Optimized Margin Management


Gain valuable insights into your profit margins with each client.

Automated Billing: Generate Billing Reports


Easily create accurate invoices for your clients.

Mastering the Art of Advanced Fulfillment


PULPO WMS transforms the world of fulfillment services, offering a seamless, efficient, and transparent solution. Our system is designed to manage diverse client needs within a single platform, facilitating rapid onboarding and providing complete visibility into every aspect of the fulfillment process.

✅ Adaptive Multi-Client Orchestration


PULPO WMS is expertly engineered to handle varying demands from different clients, ensuring a seamless, efficient workflow. The result is consistently high-quality service delivery that adapts to each client's unique needs, setting a new standard in multi-client management.

✅ Revolutionized Client Integration


New clients are integrated swiftly, reducing the time and effort typically associated with setup and system familiarization. This quick and efficient onboarding process lays the foundation for a robust and collaborative relationship, ensuring a smooth start and long-term success.

✅ Granular Order and Inventory Visibility


With PULPO WMS, transparency isn't just a buzzword; it's a core feature. It provides detailed visibility into every order and inventory level, empowering you to offer your clients unparalleled insight. This level of transparency fosters trust and reassures clients that their operations are being managed with accuracy and attention to detail.

✅ Strategic Financial Analytics


PULPO WMS provides deep insights into the profitability and margins associated with each client, enabling you to make informed decisions and craft strategies that optimize financial performance. This analytical capability ensures you stay financially informed and ahead of the curve.

“What impressed us was the ease of setting up the system, which was accomplished within a day. Whenever we encounter new customers, PULPO is always available to support us, and we find their service truly outstanding.”

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