PULPO WMS common questions

General information about Pulpo WMS

Why is PULPO WMS different from other warehouse management systems?

- Ease of use: Employees understand their processes on day one.

- Return of investment: Fast implementation and minimal impact on operations

- Secure, stable data exchange: PULPO's modern, constantly updated and monitored API does not let data disappear.

- Higher productivity than other tools

Why should I use PULPO WMS?

- Because it will help you send out more orders with your current staff.

- Because it will reduce errors and generate savings.

- Because it will free up your time so you can grow your business.

What is PULPO WMS?

PULPO Warehouse Management System is a software solution consisting of a web app and Android app that digitizes and optimizes all warehouse processes. Every week new innovative features appear, inspired by the ideas and expectations of our customers.

Is there a limit to the number of orders I can process with PULPO WMS?
  1. No, PULPO WMS can process thousands of orders daily in warehouses. Our dynamically adapting IT infrastructure ensures that there are no delays or failures.
Can I manage any type of product with PULPO WMS?

Yes absolutely, products with barcodes, serial numbers, batches and best before dates (BBD) can be optimally stored and picked with Pulpo WMS.

What hardware is required in my company for PULPO WMS?
  • To use the Pulpo WMS warehouse control center (web app), all you need is a PC/Mac with a web browser.

    Warehouse staff use PULPO's intuitive Android app (link to app store).

    For faster barcode / QR code capture, we recommend using a Blutooth ring scanner in addition to the Android app to save valuable seconds when scanning product/warehouse space.

    An internet connection is required to use the web app and Android app. Pulpo WMS is programmed to allow very little data volume for smooth usage, even an LTE stick on the router or sim card in the phone is quite enough.

How complex is the implementation of PULPO WMS?

The implementation of PULPO is quite easy and requires few resources. PULPO has a proven, lean, standardized implementation process which is carried out with the help of a dedicated onboarding manager. This allows us to implement PULPO completely remotely in > 50% of the cases.

How long does the implementation phase take in my company?

In the vast majority of our customers, PULPO WMS can be implemented within 2 - 6 weeks. Often our speed is a relevant factor to choose PULPO WMS, as the warehouse does not stand still for days or even weeks, thus avoiding loss of revenue.

How easy is it for my employees to learn PULPO WMS?

On average, employees learn all functions in only 1 day. Our PULPO Academy is an online training system that teaches all employees PULPO in just a few hours and even checks their knowledge with small tests. This ensures that all employees have sufficient knowledge to perform a successful go-live.