“We chose PULPO WMS due to significant better cost projection and the ability to implement 6 months (!) faster than the competition.”

Andreas Westendörpf
CTO at Emma Sleep

About Emma Sleep


Emma Sleep is on a mission to lead, disrupt, and reinvent the whole sleep industry. With >$405m revenue in 2021 Emma Sleep has been named Europe's fastest growing start-up. Having offices in Frankfurt, Shanghai, Manilla, Mexiko City and Lissabon and 700+ employees Emma Sleep is Europes answer to the rapidly growing bed-in-box trend.

  • Customer Excellence
  • Analytics
  • Logistics
  • Product Development
  • Online Marketing
  • B2C Commerce
  • Integration
  • Re-plattforming

The Main Challenge

Growing order volume, a global supply chain and the need to meet customer requirements regarding delivery times and return handling required to make all processes digital, transparent and significantly more efficient. This needs led toEmma Sleep searching for a quick to implement, easy to use and API-first WMS.

The Solution

  • PULPO WMS' open API enables smooth integration with Emma's IT landscape

  • The easy to use Android App reduces invest into expensive scanner hardware

  • PULPO WMS' warehouse wizard support super fast rollout into an unlimited number of locations

  • And it is all coming together in PULPO WMS' analytics suite

The Results

  • Transparency: Logistics processes are now fully transparent to all stakeholders and enable management to take decisions based on real time data. This is enabled by PULPO WMS' powerful analytics suite.

  • Easy rollout: The easy usage of the PULPO WMS Android App supported by our unique PULPO ACADEMY eLearning center allows onboarding of new users in hours. 


  • Quick results: The first orders using PULPO WMS were handled only 4 weeks after the project team got first together.

  • Extensive functionality and fast ROI: PULPO WMS' focus on intelligent automation sets it on pair with enterprise grade solutions - at a fraction of costs and with unparalleled ease of use.


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