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"With PULPO WMS, we have full transparency of our serial number products, from incoming goods to shipping and possible returns".

CEO HS Sales
Michele Santo


toredo PULPO WMS Success Case

HS Sales sells high-priced electronic devices under the Toredo brand.
When choosing a WMS provider, the following was particularly important:

  • Serial number on invoices
  • Inventory control of individual devices
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Error reduction in shipping
Beneficios adicionales

Goal: Full traceability & fast go-live

Maintaining full control over individual devices in a market with strong growth. HS Sales wanted to achieve this goal by introducing a warehouse management system.
The serial number functionality of PULPO WMS solves exactly this problem. And thanks to the simple setup of PULPO WMS, the go-live was implemented within a few days.

PULPO WMS in use at HS Sales (in German)

The Result

  • Fast Implementation
  • Optimized, paperless warehouse processes
  • Intuitive operation & short training period
  • Flexible creation and adaptation of the warehouse via WebApp
  • Reduction of search times and errors
  • Serial numbers are printed on the invoice 


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