Shipping Integration with Sendcloud

PULPO WMS and Sendcloud have partnered to provide a flawless integration to Sendcloud's shipping automation.

✅ Handle a high volume of orders more effectively
✅ Real-time tracking and reporting of order status
✅ Improve order fulfillment process

Handle a high volume of 
orders more effectively

Real-time tracking and  reporting of order status

Scale your business profitably.

Benefits for Sendcloud 

Reduce Labor Cost
Reduce Labor Cost
Handle many tasks that would otherwise need to be done manually, such as printing shipping labels and tracking inventory levels
Automated Rules
Automated Rules
Faster process of changing inventory levels and order statuses, which can increase warehouse management system accuracy.
Better Customer Service
Better Customer Service
The process of creating tracking information and sending it to customers can be simplified with the integration, which can improve the customer experience and boost your transparency.

Sendcloud Shipping Automation and PULPO Warehouse Management System

Shipping process automation can greatly increase E-Commerce business efficiency and accuracy. An integration with a warehouse management system allows for even better optimization of the entire operational process.
A WMS can provide numerous benefits to your E-Commerce business. Increased transparency and productivity in warehouse operations are competitive advantage that keep your business profitable.
Shipping processes that are automated can handle a high volume of orders more effectively and can improve the order fulfillment process. This allows for faster and more accurate shipping to customers and ultimately leads to better customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Other benefits that you get

In addition, you can integrate barcode scanning technologies to automate inventory movement management and position tracking across your warehouse.
Sendcloud and PULPO WMS integration can also facilitate the exchange of information on inventory status and shipping details, allowing your business to manage all levels of logistic operations more effectively.

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