PULPO WMS Analytics Suite

Your performance always in view with the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite

With the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite, you have full transparency over all processes in your warehouse at all times. No matter whether you need to check stocks or analyze time losses during picking - with this powerful analysis tool, such evaluations are directly possible.

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PULPO WMS Analytics Suite

The Analytics Suite: The Business Intelligence Solution for Your Warehouse Processes

Every incoming order and every movement of products in your warehouse generates data. With the help of the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite, business-relevant analyses, reports and alerts can be created from this data:

✅ Full transparency of goods movements, storage location allocation, inventory and movement tasks

✅ From analysis on the picking performance to the shipping process

✅ Warning messages possible, e.g. when products are approaching their expiry date

In the Advanced version of the Analytics Suite, you can access all data generated within your warehouse. The intuitive user interface allows you to create analyses without prior knowledge.

Flexible Reports

In the visual user interface, reports can be created and filtered in any dimension. Created reports can be easily extended by flexible filters, so that e.g. variable date periods can be worked with.

Calculation and Analysis

Due to the many calculation options as well as formatting variants, the complete analysis can be performed in the Analytics Suite without the need for further processing in Excel.

Reports und Alerts

Reports sent automatically by e-mail inform all affected employees in good time. Flexibly definable alerts monitor key figures and inform if these are undercut.

From Black Box to Performance Machine

PULPO Warehouse Management System Analytics Suite

Intransparency in the warehouse is history

Gone are the days when no one knew how many orders could be processed in a day or whether there were expired products in the warehouse.

With the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite, you have an overview of these and many other key figures. Whether for detailed analyses of complex processes or to display the daily performance to warehouse employees - with the Analytics Suite, everyone is in the picture!

Monitoring and Optimizing Your Warehouse

PULPO WMS Analytics Suite

With the versatile possibilities of the PULPO WMS Analytics Suite, the optimization of your warehouse processes and the monitoring of critical operations is possible with just a few clicks. Relevant decision-makers can gain access to the data they need.

✅ Scheduling at peak times, such as Black Friday and Christmas, based on historical processing times per order and order forecast.

✅ Optimization of the putaway strategy by analyzing which high-volume items are frequently shipped together.

✅ Automatic warnings if expiring products with expiration dates are present in the warehouse.

No matter what your individual use case is - with the many possibilities of PULPO WMS Analytics Suite, it can be easily covered!

All this and many more functions are available in PULPO WMS. Let us convince you of the functional scope of our software solution during a demonstration. We would also be happy to help and advise you directly with regard to your existing warehouse logistics and find out together how much optimization potential you have.