Creating Modern E-Commerce Tech Stacks


Get even better with our 3rd party integrations to a vast variety of ERP, OMS, and e-commerce platforms. With PULPO's open API, it’s up to you to create your cutting-edge e-commerce tech stack. We provide you with every piece of the puzzle you need to be successful!


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3rd Party Integrations
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Available 3rd Party Integrations

Integrate your business systems like ERP, OMS, ECP, and many more with PULPO WMS using our wide range of 3rd party integrations from different vendors.

  • Xentral
  • Presta
  • Woo
  • Salesforce
  • Dynamics
  • odoo
  • sap logo
  • Shopware logo
  • quickbooks logo
  • MD logo

Erlebe ein besseres WMS

Mit PULPO WMS kannst du deine Lagerprozesse schneller und einfacher als je zuvor steuern.

Robuste Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten
Kompatibel mit preiswerten Android-Geräten
Kurze Trainingszeiten für schnellen ROI
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