How Pulpo WMS helps your company



Improve your internal logistics and optimize staffing with a smart Warehouse Management System (WMS)



Eliminate errors in reception, storage and shipping with intelligent processes and an intuitive interface.



Speed up your operation through optimized routes, automated task distribution and dynamic staff allocation.



Start saving quickly with a fast implementation. Well prepared companies can start optimizing their warehouse after only 2 weeks.

World-class API to connect to your ERP or eCommerce Platform

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Save on Hardware and go Paperless

Pulpo WMS works with readily available inexpensive Android devices and allows for paperless picking. 

You can also pair your Android device with a General Scan Ring Barcode Scanner for increased ergonomics. 

Pulpo WMS Core Processes


Incoming Goods

Your staff can see on their mobile devices which supplier (or your internal production line) will deliver products and in what quantity. This way the staff can quickly verify quantity and quality to either initiate the warehousing or send-back process.



Based on rules you can define, Pulpo WMS automatically creates warehousing tasks to move the products into their optimal positions. Rules could be: how often a product rotates, limitations due to weight or volume, special zones for chemical products etc. There are almost no limits to your rules.



Your staff will become a lot quicker picking the products with our native Android App. Pulpo WMS automatically applies optimized routes for each task. To further advance your speed, you can also split up large orders into multiple pickings or create one batch pick with multiple orders (you could even split up batch picks again to minimize "positions touched").

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The Pulpo WMS packing process ensures that the right products get shipped out to your clients in their correct quantity. It even helps you print out the shipping labels for every box that the picker creates so your logistics service will never again deliver the wrong box.



Create traceability on how long the boxes were waiting to be shipped and with whom they were sent out. In case the boxes do not arrive in the condition they were shipped, you will know which shipping company was responsible and appropriate actions can be taken.

replenishment (1)


Create replenishment rules and let Pulpo WMS automatically create tasks to make sure that enough products are available in your own warehouses picking locations, other warehouses or shops.

Absolute Visibility

Make better business decisions

Intuitive navigation and data visualization 

Keep track of all your operational key performance indicators concerning your internal logistics so you can make better strategic decisions.

  • Know how much effort you spend to fulfill every order
  • Make better staffing decisions based on real workload
  • Optimice the use of your available storage capacity
  • Manage all your warehouses in a single platform
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Hassle-free Warehouse Management

Don't just track inventory levels

Give your Staff a Better Tool

Pulpo WMS goes beyond Inventory Management by enabling your team with advanced features.

  • Automated counting tasks for better control
  • Split Picking and Wave Picking
  • Cross-docking and automatic bin suggestions
  • Expiration dates and serial numbers

Why Pulpo?

Pulpo WMS offers Top Tier functionalities without taking you through a lengthy and costly implementation process.  

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition by reducing your operational expenses in record time. 

Delivering Exceptional Benefits

“Most solutions we looked at offer only basic inventory management and don't help to optimize the actual workflows in the warehouse and in our point of sale like Pulpo WMS does. ”

— William Delgado,

COO Saluti

“With Pulpo WMS we are going to generate more than €20,000 savings by eliminating Paper-based Processes to manage our 20,000 m2 of warehouses."

— Juliette Allers,

Pre. Allers Group

“Our employees learned to use the Pulpo App in less than a day and we reduced picking errors by 99.9%. Pulpo helps them work less overtime.”

— Hermann Tiben,

CEO Premium XL

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